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Group of People for Quorn

Honouring The Past

Quorn Quandong Festival

26 to 27 October - 2024

The Quorn Quandong Festival warmly welcomes people to a captivating country town with a history of diverse culinary traditions, blending Indigenous and European influences. Amidst breathtaking landscapes, attendees indulge in delectable dishes, tracing the town's rich food history.


As visitors savour the abundant delights, they will gain an appreciation of the profound role food has played in shaping the community's identity. The Quorn Quandong Festival is a celebration of past and present, embracing the town's cultural tapestry and fostering a sense of unity in a vibrant and inclusive bush food and street fair markets event.

Festival Sponsors

 Wiltja Builders---Arkaroola ---Corral Coffee---Flinders Ranges Council---Skytrek Willow Springs---Wilpena Pound---Argedells 

The Cradock Hotel---Pichi Richi Railway---Lachlan Moore Electrical

What’s On

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 Street Fair & Local Traders

Local Heritage

Local Attractions




Festival Program

The Quorn Quandong Festival honors bush foods, flavours and the rich history of the Quandong (Kurti) in our region. 

Kurti, also known as Urti in Adnyamathanha, or Quandong in Wiradjuri, is a unique and fascinating fruit native to Australia.


This small, bright red fruit grows on the wild bush trees of the Santalum acuminatum species, and was first described by Robert Brown in 1802. He gave it the Latin epithet acuminatus to describe the leaves which are pointed. The botanist Aphonse Pyrame de Candolle gave the current name in 1857, placing it in the genus Santalum.


Quandong is renowned for its distinct tart and slightly sweet flavor, making it a popular ingredient in jams, sauces, and desserts.


Apart from its culinary appeal, the Quandong fruit also holds cultural significance for Indigenous Australian communities, who have utilized it for its medicinal properties for generations. Rich in essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, Quandong is not only a delicious treat but also a nourishing addition to a well-balanced diet.


With its vibrant hue and tantalizing taste, the Kurti or Quandong fruit stands as a unique and cherished symbol of Australia's diverse natural bounty.

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The Quorn Quandong Festival's GREAT COUNTRY COOK-OFF is an unmissable highlight, embodying the essence of country town celebrations. With competitions in diverse categories, it promises a feast of flavors and creativity. Distinguished judges, including renowned pastry chefs Bob & Sue Tulloch from Copley Bakery and John Weeks, will add prestige to the event. The competition showcases the town's culinary delights whilst celebrating the region's indigenous ingredients and natural beauty. The cook-off adds an exciting culinary flair, capturing the spirit of the festival and delighting participants and visitors alike.

The Quandong Festival Will Feature Competitions In The Following Categories:

Quandong Pie
Native Bouquet
Quornish Pasties


Quorn is situated in the ancestral land of the Nukunu people, who called the Southern Flinders and Spencer Gulf region home, and they have a rich cultural heritage and deep spiritual connection to the area. Their way of life was deeply rooted in hunting, gathering and maintaining a profound understanding of the environment.

The Nukunu people have sustained their traditions and stories for thousands of years, maintaining their traditional practices from generation to generation. Today they continue to assert their cultural identity as well as engage with the broader Australian society to promote awareness and understanding of their unique heritage.

Quorn is also home to many Yuras, Adnyamathanha people, from further north, who have settled in the area bringing with them their knowledge and cultural practices, and enriching the childhoods of residents in the town.

Other groups represented include the Dieri and Barngala people.

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