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Guest Chef

Andrew Fielke

Andrew Fielke

The Culinary Journey Of Andrew Fielke

South Australian-born Andrew Fielke is a talented, award-winning chef with many years of international experience, working in Switzerland, Austria and London’s prestigious Savoy Hotel. 


On returning to Australia in the mid-’80s, his imagination and interest in Australia’s largely overlooked native food resources were sparked by the discovery of a fledgling distribution company selling “wild foods”. Since then Andrew’s creative energy has focused on devising exciting dishes and pioneering a new direction for a “creative native Australian cuisine”. 


He continues refining his craft using amazing 60,000-year-old ingredients together with conventional foods to create truly special dishes, utilising the unique textures and stunning flavours of nutritious nuts, seeds, fruits and herbs like Bunya Nut, Lemon Myrtle and Quandong - foods savoured by the Australian First Nations peoples over the millennium. 


1992 saw the opening of the first Red Ochre Restaurant in Adelaide, South Australia, featuring consistently superb, innovative cuisine, wines and ambience. The restaurant attracted exceptional international exposure and many awards including the “Australian National Tourism Award” for restaurants in 1996. Cairns Red Ochre (Far North Queensland) opened in 1994 and Alice Springs (Northern Territory) in 1997. 

Quandong Dinner at Emily's Bistro - $75.00 per head

7pm Saturday 26th October 2024

Menu (4 course)

  • TBA

Andrew Fielke
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